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04/01/2017 - AzDGDatingPlatinum 2017 has been released - Demo.

18/08/2014 - Great discounts for Platinum versions 2011 and 2012. Read more

16/08/2014 - AzDGDatingMedium 2012 has been released - Demo.

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About Us

The Azerbaijan Design & Development Group (AZDG) was born in January, 2001 and has through its years of activity collected together a group of dedicated and high quality experts in the field of web-programming, web-design, flash and javaapplet technologies. For us it not just work - it is our calling, our enthusiasm, our purpose in life ... it is OUR PASSION !

Our group was created with the intention to showcase the quality and creativity of web enthusiasts of Azerbaijan and other countries. The websites created by our design studio have successfully been used by many hundreds and thousand of users, they have actively joined the interactive world of the Internet. Dont lose and confuse yourself in the infinity of internet resources, because we are here to explain simply and provide easy access to the tools that you need for your business..

This site has been our showcase for our products since July, 2001 , although we are an independent group we have involved ourselves in many collaborations with many different organisations across the world. If you would like to to be represented on the internet, would like to collaborate on any project that you have in mind we encourage you to contact us.

Our design studio is engaged in research and development and in the creation of high-quality beautiful websites made to your specifications. We have the capability to transform your desires into a reality, creating websites that are dynamic and interactive.

Our design studio offers the following services:

  • Creation high-quality websites
  • Regular updating, tracking rates of growth.
  • Manufacturing banners, trade marks, logos
  • Advertising, database retri registration in search engine ratings and topsites, etc.
  • Translation of your website to other languages ( Russian, English, Azerbaijan, French, German, Spanish etc.)
  • Programming interactive databases for the Internet.
  • Creation of the web-interface to existing databases.


    I am using this script and I have to say that is one of the best scrip I ever seen. The script is easy to customize and the suport of azdg are very good. They always anser to my questions in only fiew hourours.

    So, Buy it !

    Hello. I have installed the last version 1.5.0. I only want to give congratulations about the new script and particullary for the admin area! And i don't forget that the guis who are in the AZDG Team are particullary efficient. Certainly the best support... Thanks again!

    I downloaded, installed, configured, themed, modded and integrated this wonderful 2.1.2. package in my existing website.

    I am very very happy with it and I am using it to serve the lonely Dutch speaking people in Holland (Netherlands) and Belgium by offering free dating for all.

    It works fast, has no bugs (at least to my knowledge), and I never need to take care for the software because it all runs on its own.

    Thank you a billion !!!
    StartFinish - jA mOOi !
    Holland - Netherlands

    I must say what a great team at AZdG they really have there stuff together customer service is bar none to any script I have ever purchased they actually email you back and not a autoresponder a real HUMAN within a very short time of your request (I believe they do take Saturday or Sunday off one of those days to refresh there minds). Dating platinum is so excellent the features and the price cannot be beat...I have been using this script for almost 1 year now and the improvements are spectacular they also take every suggestion added to the TODO list for registered users to the table, and in most cases implement the feature request to there next update. What other Programming company will do that for you? I see a really big future for my dating site and can thank AZdG for that.

    Thank You From Howard

    I definitely agree! AZDG has proven to be the best script I have ever purchased. Not only because the programming is solid, but more importantly because the support is unbelievably great. On more than one occasion, they have helped me out with customizations which were never intended. Most developers would charge you out the yin yang for this kind of help, but AZDG has helped me on at least 3 occasions for totally free, and also offered advice on how to do things. When I have had minor probems (my fault) they have responded VERY fast with the answer I needed. This is saying a lot, because it shows they actually read support requests, think about the correct and most appropriate answer, then respond with something I can use. I cannot say enough about how satisfied I am with the support. THE BEST.

    oh ya.. and I definitely understand the pain when your web hosting company goes out of business! I was using featureprice for years before they went under and I lost months of work because of them not even warning me. Freaking sucked man! All I can say is: make backups regularly everyone, even if you don't think you need might.

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